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Virtual Assistant for
Wedding Photographers

and that's not all...

I know the drill - edits, emails, endless to-dos. It's a whirlwind out there!

Imagine – What if your back-end mess was handled without interrupting your life?

Overwhelm is out; growth is in.  It's time to delegate. Let's scale your success together.

A 1:1 experience designed specifically for you and your business 

The freedom to put your focus on other things besides admin work

Someone there supporting you and making sure you have your shit together

Instead of feeling overwhelmed when inquiries come in, you are excited again

To enjoy life again and regain your sanity

Get a clearer picture of where your business is going

Have someone there to help you make changes to reach your goals

With  a wedding virtual assistant  you get:

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When it comes to your wedding photography business, I want one thing for you - success!

Which is why I created one off and monthly packages for your needs.

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Ditch the Overwhelm

Maximize Your Genius

Reclaim Your Time

A typical 9 – 5 employee turned momtreprenuer. I know what it takes to grow a sustainable business but not work yourself to the point of not being able to enjoy what you’ve created.

I bring my passion of turning a hot mess into a structured plan, mix in my knowledge and my love for creativity (and my desire to please everyone)– boom! You now have a business you love and you are finally reaching your dream clients without costing you time.

My goal as your Wedding virtual assistant is to help you and your business grow by managing the backend tasks, help build genuine relationships with your current and potential clients, and to be your right hand girl who will be standing next to you in this crazy but amazing business journey. 

About me

Momtreprenuer - Coffee enthusiast 

Hi, I'm Sam!

kali norton photography

" For the first time in about five years, I actually feel so much better in my business because I’m able to think of things I never thought my brain would have the space to think about. I don’t feel like I’m drowning and failing anymore, and hate the thing I love the most.. and that’s because of you…. "

"I don’t feel like I’m drowning and failing anymore"

Sarah Beth Photography

"I have seriously enjoyed being able to take a step back and let go of my inbox. It was such a stressful thing for me prior to Sam, and now I don’t panic when I can’t answer an email in 24 hours! Sam is professional, but also friendly. She’s always prompt with email responses and is quick to answer a text if needed! I held off on hiring a VA for so long because I was worried I would lose the personal connection to clients. Sam has proved me wrong!"

"I have seriously enjoyed being able to take a step back and let go..."

Nicole Leone Photography

"If you are a wedding photographer who needs help with communication and admin, hiring a virtual assistant was one of the best things I did recently. I personally think Samantha is incredible at what she does and I'm so thankful that I am improving my overall client experience by having help. Hiring an assistant can be an investment, but it can be a blessing as well."

"I personally think Samantha is incredible at what she does..."

Kimbrali Photography

"There should be no price tag on your peace of mind. Peace is priceless. I am so thankful for that Facebook post where I saw her name recommended. I probably would have had an actual mental breakdown had I not reached out to her and continued to try to do it all myself. It is hard to give up control of things when you are so used to doing EVERYTHING yourself but it ended up being so much easier than I thought. People are getting replies so much faster now and I know that is making me look better and give a better experience to my clients.

"I know that is making me look better and give a better experience to my clients."

client love

I may be the right VA for you, If you are needing someone who can...

handle your emails and constant incoming inquiries so you don't miss out on business

keep you updated because she knows the importance of communication and transparency

keep your system clean and organized to assure nothing slips through the cracks

do daily work without having to ask you what needs to be done - no more having to take time to delegate tasks

"Serving your clients is your vision. Helping you reach that vision, is mine"

More Than a Virtual Assistant: Your Personal Supporter and Business Ally

The small business life can get pretty overwhelming and lonely, I always make it a priority to check in and make sure you are okay, in your business and in your personal life. Aside from being your virtual assistant, I will also be your forever supporter, someone who keeps you on track, and one you can always count on.
I now pronounce you “ready to hire a wedding virtual assistant”!

Imagine sipping coffee, stress-free, as your business blooms. Nice, right?"

Streamlined workflows mean more happy couples and, you guessed it, more happy you.

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