You have made the decision to start a Wedding Virtual Assistant business or have already started but a little business-shocked by all of the steps. First, I want to say good for you, girl! This is the first step in creating a life you have always dreamed of. Please note, that there is no “get rich quick” or “scale quickly” tricks but I will say if you stay consistent, be uniquely you and be real… you will get there.

There are many reasons why you are wanting to grow a sustainable virtual assistant business. Maybe you are a mom to a young child, like me. You may be tired of being on someone else’s schedule and following their rules. If creating your own schedule, your own rates and have the ability to travel or participate in your child’s activities then this is exactly for you.

So, how do you get there?

Have a Good Mindset

Having a good mindset from the very beginning is more important than anything else mentioned in this blog. Know that every business owner has their ups and downs but it does not mean you are not meant to do this! Embrace your knowledge, personality and experience. Every person brings their own uniqueness and this is your time to shine!


First things first, I highly suggest you find a wedding virtual assistant mentor or coach. Personally, for one year I tried to make it on my own and I set myself back by doing so. I did buy guides at first but I needed one-on-one support. I bought a full course and then a few months later hired a 6-week mentor. Why did I do both? Good question! The course I originally bought did not include one-on-one mentorship but it was cheaper than the mentor I really wanted to learn from. When I finally set my financial fear aside, I took the opportunity to work with my dream mentor. Things finally made sense!

A true mentor will help you figure out your income goals and how to create packages that will meet those goals. They will help you come up with a marketing strategy that fits your brand. They may even create a posting calendar for you (depending on who you hire). A virtual assistant business coach will also help build up your confidence and be someone you can pick their brain during your coaching timeframe.

I am now offering virtual assistant 4 week mentorship to help you get your business to the next level. My mentorship program allows us to work one on one and make your vision clearer. You can fill out my contact form HERE to receive a full detailed proposal.

Be Yourself

Honestly a lot of new wedding virtual assistants copy posts and either don’t think about it or think it won’t be noticed. Now, I’m not saying you can’t get inspired or get ideas. If you do, make it your own or credit the person you were inspired by. We have all trial-and-errored, spent thousands of dollars in coaching programs and website design, and have created a marketing strategy that works for our business. Most of us want to help and see you be successful but please just make sure to do it properly.

Now with that being said, you may be thinking “well, what do I have that others don’t and why would someone pick me over someone else?”. These two questions will make or break your self-esteem! Utilizing your personality and personal experiences will set you a part from others. You will eventually start booking clients who match your vibe and love what you offer!

make connections and build relationships

Making connections and building genuine relationships with your dream clients will get you far! Some business owners would say to cold message. I highly suggest not including that in your marketing and lead generation technique. When you build genuine relationships you will come off as personable and real. It shows you truly care about them and their business rather than just trying to make a sale. Cold messaging creates a bad taste in peoples mouths so avoid doing that at all cost.

A few ways to build genuine relationships:

+ Comment on their posts and stories

+ Share their work

+ Give advice but only when they ask

create a business you love

You can create a business you love but still meet financial goals. By doing this, you allow yourself to enjoy what you do and it won’t feel like work. You started your business to be on your own terms, right? Here are a few ways to do so –

A few ways to build a virtual assistant business you love:

+ Offer services you enjoy doing – this is important! You can offer every service under the sun but if you don’t enjoy doing them, you will get burnt out quickly and find yourself dreading working every day.

+ Packaged services VS Hourly – totally a preference but I personally love and suggest offering services in a packaged based option opposed to hourly. Packaged based means you create a package with particular services you will provide monthly and your income remains the same. Hourly based means your client will buy a certain amount of hours per month which means your income could be different each month.

+ Create a work schedule – balancing work and life may not seem hard but when there isn’t anyone to tell you when to start or stop work, it can get tricky. Set up your Google Calendar and/or phone alarms that tells you your working hours and your breaks.

+ Time block and To-Do list – Girl, do yourself a favor and time block your tasks and create lists. You can either do it per client or per tasks. I currently have 5 wedding photographer clients but I also have a toddler at home so managing my time is very important. Time blocking is when you set a particular time to complete a tasks / client work. My brain works in two ways – I have the tendency to either get laser focused on one tasks until it is done or I am like the energizer bunny and hop around between tasks depending on what pops in my head.

If you are interested in talking and learning more about either how I got started as a wedding virtual assistant or want to book a mentorship call, please feel free to message me on my website!

Much Love,


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How To Grow A Sustainable Virtual Assistant Business

August 3, 2023

Virtual Assistant Mentorship