When you started your wedding business, you had big goals. Those big goals have turned into reality (yay you!) but that now has led you to being burnt out and spreading yourself too thin. In order to create a healthy business owner life, outsourcing to a wedding virtual assistant is the way to go.

Outsourcing to a wedding virtual assistant means you will hand over the tasks you simply don’t enjoy or you don’t have time to do. You will be able to find time to book more work, take days off to spend with your children, or even just schedule certain days as your self-care days. Whatever your heart desires, you can do with the extra help of a virtual assistant.

When is the right time to hire a wedding virtual assistant?

Everyone waits and waits for the perfect time or when they feel ready. The thing is though – There truly is no perfect or right time. You may be thinking “Well, then why am I reading this blog?” and I get it. You want answers laid out in front of you because first, you don’t have time and secondly, you are overwhelmed. I hear you and I totally understand! I promise this will help you.

I always tell wedding photographers or planners that they are ready to outsource to a virtual assistant when –

+ Does your budget allow it? a good virtual assistant charges at least $600 per month depending on their experience and services

+ Does your mindset allow it? if you’ve never outsourced before, it can be hard at first giving someone else control over certain tasks. I ease my clients into it depending on how comfortable they are.

These two things will set you up for success with finding and hiring a virtual assistant.

When it’s time to choose:

Okay, so you may have narrowed to two or three virtual assistants, congrats!!! Below are a few tips to make sure you choose the right VA for your wedding photography business –

  1. Make sure the virtual assistant doesn’t have a ton of clients: I personally have a max client per package type to provide top, individualized support for each of my clients. If someone has too many clients, they may not be able to handle tasks in a timely manner or get overwhelmed and not perform well.
  2. Timezone and hours: I have clients all over and in different timezones but make sure you and the VA are aware of any timezone differences. Also, make sure your VA works during the hours you need (if that matters to you).
  3. Communication: Make sure you talk about how the wedding virtual assistant communicates with her clients and when. I personally text and use Voxer to stay in contact daily but I know others who only use Slack. It really just depends on both of your preferences!
  4. Services: There is a virtual assistant for every type of service and need. Make sure the VA you hire is well established in the tasks you are needing OR at least is capable of learning quickly. I am always upfront with a photographer if there’s something they are needing that I’m not well-versed in yet. And if you are okay that your VA isn’t experienced in certain things, then go for it!
  5. Connection: This is sooo important to me! Make sure you have some sort of connection or good vibe with the VA you choose. You will be working with them long-term (hopefully) and they will be deep within your business so making sure you fit together well, trust and overall have a good vibe.
wedding virtual assistant
virtual assistant for wedding creatives

Overall, if you are feeling overwhelmed and unable to complete tasks or you’re missing out of family / friend events, it may be a good idea to bite the bullet and hire a virtual assistant for wedding creatives. You will be shocked with how easy it can be and it will open your eyes to a whole new level – both personally and business-wise.

If you are interested in learning about my services – please feel free to check out my website.


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The Right Time to Outsource to a Wedding Virtual Assistant

October 23, 2023

Virtual Assistant